Hi everyone.  We are growing leaps and bounds and branching out into the UK. We have representative (a close friend who loves our sauces) name Helen Kapsali and she can be reached thru our new facebook page -

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Welcome to the home of Big Daddy’s Hot Sauces. Located in the beautiful Heights neighborhood of Houston, TX, Big Daddy’s is the child of Trevi and Becky Biles, capsaicin and music addicts.  Not mind-blowingly-see-the-face-of-God hot, our award-winning, all natural sauces are a nice combination of heat and flavor that compliment food without overtaking the nature of what you’re eating. Made with St. Arnold Lawnmower Beer, the sauces (except for Ass Burn) are named after bands who are friends of ours, us trying to catch the essence of the bands in the bottle.  At the site you can find out about our products and the bands they’re named after, purchase sauce and merch,  locate a store with sauce close to you, post your favorite Big Daddy’s recipes, and find the next festival we’ll be at next.  Please feel free to contact us at with any comments.  Thanks for your support and let it burn.

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Ass Burn

Flaming Lips

High On Fire

Amplified Heat


Orange Show Fire Blossom Special

Ass Burn Hot Sauce

Our original and most award winning, Big Daddy´s Ass Burn is made with cayenne peppers for a medium heat level and awesome flavor. Probably our most versatile sauce. Goes great with eggs, wings, and Mexican food.

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